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We work to unite brilliant minds within the UK and Europe’s biggest food ​retailers to help solve the critical sustainability challenges that the ​industry has failed to prioritise.

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Impatience Insiders is not just a discussion platform; ​this is the first step as the driving force behind industry-​wide change. We provide the infrastructure to turn ​identified opportunities into actionable initiatives, ​transforming the landscape of the food industry ​towards a more sustainable future.

Impatience Insiders is housed by UK registered non-profit, Impatience Ltd.

Impatience Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitable objectives. ​Company number: 1862567. Impatience Ltd’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

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Aruna is Project Lead for ​Impatience Insiders and ​runs the Co-op ​Foundation’s Carbon ​Innovation Fund, which ​awards grants to ​progressive ideas in the ​UK food and farming ​industry.

Impatience Insiders Team


Kené is Responsible ​Sourcing Director at one of ​the world’s biggest food ​retailers, with experience ​covering climate change, ​food security, plastics, and ​human rights.


Aditi is Director of ​Climate Philanthropy at ​Impatience Earth and has ​previously worked with ​food system incubator ​programmes and start-up ​social enterprises.


Phoebe is Special Projects ​Officer at Impatience Ltd, ​and an award-winning ​change across the social ​impact sector, focusing on ​climate change.

Live projects

Food System ​Insiders Group

A pre-competitive, anonymous space for ​expert sustainability and food systems insiders ​to share ideas that address the damage to our ​food security, planet, and health.

These experts have the deepest understanding ​of the complexities of our food system and know ​what is needed to halt food system collapse.

These insights will form:

  • Thought leadership publications;
  • Targeted projects, influencing government ​and big businesses.
Expert professionals
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Food ​System ​Insiders ​Group

Thought leadership
Targeted projects
Pressure on industry to create change

We use a variety of tools and work with trusted ​delivery partners to drive industry-wide change

These tools range from working with:

  • Economists and think tanks to show the ‘business ​case’ for action on a certain sustainability issue,
  • Journalists or shareholders to surface issues to push ​critical issues up the corporate priority list,
  • Government to help them understand how to trigger ​corporate action and achieve ‘green growth’,
  • NGOs to help them identify critical leverage points for ​consumer pressure to drive corporate action,
  • Farmers, suppliers and others in the supply chain ​to surface these issues with their retailers.

Live projects

Insect-Based Feed as a Soy Alternative

We worked with Frontier Economics to lay out the economic opportunities ​for utilising black soldier flies as a soy replacement within pig and poultry feed. ​Our insiders group were concerned that a lack of understanding in this area ​was blocking interest and attention from Government, retailers and investors.

This evidence demonstrating economic opportunities of scaling up black sodlier fly ​production has been used to influence DEFRA, Labour, and Conservative MPs to ​push through the legislation needed for scalability. The work was widely praised for ​filling an evidence gap in the market, and we anticipate UK regulatory change on BSF ​by 2025.

This work has also advanced action from retailers and farmers piloting projects ​with BSF, who were fearful of entering this space before understanding the ​economic/scalability aspect. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about ​this project.

Read the report here

Black soldier fly

Live projects

An emerging insght from our food system insiders group is that food retailers’ TCFD reporting does not demonstrate the ​harsh realities of current and upcoming climate-related disruptions to our food system. This lack of detailed reporting, ​analysis and realistic mitigation planning results in a lack of concern among investors. Our plan is to take this insight and ​work with delivery partners to:

  1. Produce a report highlighting the lack of transparency in food retailers’ TCFD reporting, and the damage this has ​and will make to ecosystems and livelihoods worldwide if not acted upon;
  2. Lobby the government to mandate improved TCFD reporting requirements;
  3. Upskill investors to ask the right questions and apply pressure on retailers to improve their sourcing practices.

The aim is to apply pressure on food retailers to honestly report on their climate-related risk while supporting farmers ​globally by investing in climate-resilient supply chains.

Impatience Ltd. Board

Jake Hayman

Jake has worked as a trusted advisor ​to values-led wealth holders for ​almost 20 years. He is the former CEO ​of philanthropy advisory firm Ten ​Years' Time and a co-founder of the ​Good Ancestor Movement.

Dr Sarabajaya Kumar

Sarabajaya is an Associate Professor ​in Voluntary Sector Policy and ​Leadership at UCL. She leads her own ​research and advice consultancy and ​is Equalities Adviser to the Bar ​Standards Board.

Farhana Yamin

Farhana is a lawyer and climate justice ​activist who has provided legal and ​strategy advice to small island leaders ​on UN climate negotiations for 30 ​years. She coordinates the Climate ​Reframe Project.


Contact us

For more information, or if you’re a food system insider who wants to create ​change in the industry, please contact Aruna.